Carbon Fiber Fabrics November 30, 2021

Can carbon fiber be used for clothing?

Carbon Fiber Fabrics

The use of carbon fibers has become quite popular in recent times. From tennis rackets to Formula1 cars, and bicycle frames; it is part of many products.  But are they part of clothing also? Yes, Carbon Fiber Fabrics are being made nowadays; they are not part of the daily textile needs of consumers though.

Carbon fiber is exceptionally lightweight but quite strong because it is derived from the element carbon. When it is combined with polymer resin, we get a super composite product known as graphite fiber or carbon fiber. Each fiber is five to ten microns in diameter.

With its high tensile strength, it can be very much useful in manufacturing a long list of domestic and commercial products.

Carbon is the basic building block of life, and it is the base of carbon fiber as well. This inert material is light, and it has phenomenal qualities of energy absorption. Due to its high strength and low weight, it is considered ideal for applications where the finished product needs to be lightweight yet sturdy.

Carbon-based fibers are considered ideal for primary as well as secondary protective gears. They are clothes for situations where intermittent exposure to radiant’s or flames is possible. Primary protective gears are the clothes worn by firefighters who are exposed to radiant heat and flames.

If you see textile terms and definitions, carbon fiber is a fiber that contains at least 90 percent carbon obtained by the controlled pyrolysis of the appropriate type of fiber.

Graphite fiber contains more than 99 percent carbon. Fibreglass fabric suppliers make different types of fibers for their clients.

Precursors of fibers

Variations in carbon fibers are called precursors. They contain different morphologies and different characteristics. Amongst the most prevalent precursors are Cellulose fibers (viscose rayon, cotton), polyacrylonitrile (PAN), petroleum or coal tar pitch are phenolic fibers.

When Carbon Fiber Manufacturers Ahmedabad makes fibers, either standard specification or custom, they ensure excellent quality of production. It is because the performance of carbon fiber largely depends on the quality of production.

Spools of carbon fiber are taken to the main weaving loom. There, the fibers are woven into fabrics. Mainly, twill and plain weaves are popular.

In the plain weave, a balanced checkerboard pattern is followed. Each strand goes under each strand in the opposite direction.

In the twill weave, each strand goes over one opposite strand, then under two. Thus, it looks more like a wicker basket.

These two types of weaving are aesthetically different only. As far as weaving is concerned, plain weaves have an equal amount of carbon fiber going in each direction. Their strength is also almost equal.

Fiber manufacturers make high-quality Fiberglass cloth also. It is also widely used in various applications.

As the usage of carbon fiber is increasing in specialized technology such as aerospace, nuclear, general engineering, and transportation; the demand has also increased.

Manufacturers are making top-class fibers that fulfill the needs of clients. Stringent quality measures are being applied to maintain consistency in quality and performance.

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