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UNNATI means progress.  We all know how important it is to progress in life.  Since we deal with progressive fabrics (second, third, fourth generation fabrics) the name Unnati was given to our firm which was established in the year 1969.URJA means energy.  We all know how important it is to conserve energy.  Since we deal with fabrics that help in conserving energy the name Urja Products was given to our firm which was thereafter established in the year 1989.

Our founder, Late Shri Gautam S. Nanavaty, had the experience of running a composite textile mill having 650 Looms and 40000-odd Spindles. With the desire to bring some thing new to India, he ventured into the field of Technical Textiles selecting Fiber Glass as the base. Polypropylene, Nylon, Polyester, Acrylic, Mod-Acrylic, Nomex, Aramid, Peek, Carbon fiber and other fibers followed suit. Fiber Glass with its versatile properties is used for many an application. So was borne Unnati in the year 1969 with two looms, a stationary oven, and a coating tower. The name Unnati has become synonymous with Fiber Glass Fabrics over the last four decades. Urja, a private limited company, was formed with a view to manufacture Silica fabrics. Unnati was merged into Urja Products thus widening the horizons for URJA, which is now located at two sites one kilometer away from each other. What you will be reading through the following pages will give you sufficient confidence to confidently put your confidence in our products, in our people and in our capabilities to take on new challenges to develop speciality fabrics for your demanding needs.URJA is now spread over more than 4,000 sq.metres of land. Power consumption is in excess of 2000 kW. Through our own branch office in Mumbai and our agents covering all major cities of India, Urja is in a position to take care of customers in any corner of India.

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  • Urja was awarded Import Substitution Award by BHEL, Bhopal in 1972 for developing 1.2 Mil and 1.7 Mil Glass Fabrics. This was then a big achievement.
  • Granted Firm’s approval to manufacture and inspect Glass and Cotton fabrics for use on Aircrafts and Gliders. This approval continuing since 35 years makes URJA the only party in India to be given such a approval from DGAQA.
  • Foray into manufacture of PTFE/Teflon coated Fiber Glass fabrics in the year 1980 has been a milestone achievement for Urja. Being the second company in India to manufacture these fabrics, Urja is today the largest manufacturer of PTFE/Teflon coated Glass fabrics, Adhesive Fabrics and Conveyor Belts.
  • Technology transfer from VSSC for manufacture of High Silica fabrics (ISROSIL) for the Indian Rocket Programme was another product that was developed by URJA way back in 1989.
  • We are on the BIS Committee (former ISI) for Indian Standards governing Technical Textiles.
  • It was for the first time that our country saw the manufacturing of VITON coated Glass fabrics to be used in the fuselage of commercial aircrafts. It was for this product that URJA received the First Prize for National Award for Indigenisation in 2000. Award was given at the hands of, Shri George Fernandes to our Chariman and M.D. Shri Janak G. Nanavaty.
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