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How much does carbon fiber fabric cost?

Carbon Fiber Fabric

Carbon fiber fabrics are like other fabrics. Instead of cotton or synthetic fibers like polyester, nylon; here carbon fibers are used.

The weave of carbon fabrics is coarser as compared to other fabrics. It is like a heavy canvas. To give rigidity to it the fabric is laminated with an epoxy resin.

Based on the use of carbon fabric, different weaves are used.  A standard twill weave is a multipurpose fabric.

When you need strength and stiffness, a unidirectional weave is an appropriate choice.

Applications, where you need delicate layups or unique patterns, the plain weave is useful.

Carbon Fiber Manufacturers Ahmedabad makes high-quality fabrics for varied uses.

How do different things are made using carbon fabrics?

Carbon Fiber Fabrics need to be processed before using in different applications. Carbon fiber fabric is soft and pliable.

First, it is made stiffer by adding a binder. It is called resin or matrix. The most commonly used materials are vinyl and epoxy resin.

After forming into the desired shape, the resin is added and cured.

Prepreg is a special type of carbon fiber fabric that is made in elevated temperature and pressure conditions. Other carbon fabrics can be made at normal temperatures.

Cost of carbon fiber fabrics

Carbon Fabrics Suppliers Ahmedabad makes a wide range of carbon fibers. Carbon fibers are available in the range of 800 to 900 Rs. Per kilogram.

PTFE coated fabric is available in a wide range of sizes, models, and designs. It is carved by keeping in mind the usability in various industries. Good-quality coating brings the required strength and dimensional stability.

The cost depends on the variety of designs and styles. The more customization you ask for, the costlier the material is.

PTFE coated fiberglass fabric manufacturers in India make products based on standard configuration as well as customized requirements.

As the demand for good-quality fiberglass fabric increased, several Fibreglass fabric suppliers have emerged in the market. It is essential to check the products on different quality parameters. If the product specs are accurate, then the quality of the material is also up to the mark.

For example, one roll of PTFE coated fiberglass sheet of normal thickness and 100cm by 450 cm where the PTFE content is 58% and the tensile strength is 1100. It will cost around 8000 rs. in India.  If you check the prices for more tensile strength or thickness, then it will increase proportionately.

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