This is one solution for 03 R’s – REPAIRS, RETROFITTINGS & REHABILITATION. A concrete structure is originally designed and built with optimum effectiveness. However, with factors such as passing of time, corrosion, fire, collision, earthquake, vandalism, bowing, cracks, to mention a few, the structure may lose its original properties. Thus, structural strengthening, restoring and rehabilitation or even adding load capacity forms a vital part of today’s civil industry.

It is for this purpose that materials like Aramid, Basalt, Carbon or Fiberglass have gained importance. The use of above fibres or fabrics woven thereof along with a resin system are known as “structural wrapping”.

The main idea is to glue the textile or laminate using a resin system on the outer surface of the structure i.e., beams and columns to improve strength and rigidity. This can be done by a dry or a wet layup process.

UD weaving is a weaving style wherein fibres run along with the length of the fabric and majority of the weight is in the warp direction with just a binder thread across the weft direction thereby giving strength in one particular direction.



Pultrusion is a method of composite material manufacturing by ‘pulling’ and extruding of continuous fibres. The end product formed due to the combination of resins and fibres is a laminate or a strip. Laminates / Strips are pre-fabricated carbon fibre reinforced epoxy strips bonded to concrete using approved laminate epoxy adhesives.

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