Fiberglass Yarns are twisted for specific reasons of strength and weave fixation. Plying of yarns also adds to the life of a fabric. Our range of high speed twisting machines twist two / three/ four and up to twelve strands of yarn with one another and make one plied yarn and can impart up to 12 twists per inch which is a rare possibility with fiberglass. Proper care is taken to check filamentation during the process of twisting. These strands of fiberglass yarn are then subjected to warping where it is ensured that the tension is absolutely even.


Weaving is the art of producing a fabric. Urja has mastered this art since its incorporation in 1969. Our fleet of looms include traditional ordinary looms, jacquards, RUTI’s, modern rapiers and air-jets. Fabrics can be woven in various weaving patterns like plain, leno, mock leno, twill, satin, crow foot satin, etc.

Textiles from yarns / fibers such as Acrylic, Ceramic, Fiberglass, Nylon, Polypropylene, PEEK, Quartz, Silica etc constitute a part of our product range. Highly specialized fabrics such as Fiberglass Fabrics with stainless steel wire, Carbon Fiber Fabrics , Aramid, hybrids from Carbon – Aramid and Glass are also woven. We have also developed unidirectional fabrics for easy application with resin system.


A battery of coating towers at Urja operate round the clock where different treatments and finishes are imparted giving adequate and proper adherence of chemicals to the fiberglass substrate. Equipments include horizontal and vertical coating units which are controlled with utmost precision in terms of speed, temperature etc. Urja specializes in coating fluro-polymers, adhesives, resins and elastomers on glass fabrics. Prepregs as per specifications are also manufactured.

A commonly used mixture of graphite, silicone and PTFE is impregnated on glass fabrics is used for gaseous filtration. Also, coatings of special chemicals act as a protection barrier at the time of initial impact during filtration of molten metals.

LAB & Q.C.

Our lab is fully equipped to test parameters that our customers demand. It is a standard procedure to test all incoming raw materials i.e. fibers / yarns. Fabrics are tested for parameters like mesh size, tensile strength, twists imparted in warp and weft on the yarn, thickness, weight, flex life, thermal resistance, pinhole testing etc. Microscopic observation of our fabrics magnified at 50x is a rare phenomenon found in the industry. The air conditioned lab is fully equipped and all instruments are periodically calibrated resulting in unquestioned credibility and reliability of products that leave our premises.
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